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How Experience Design Can Elevate Your Corporate Event

Large-scale corporate events rely on a lot of moving parts. When you fail to impress at even one stage of the event, it can come […]

Investment vs. Expense: Changing the Conversation for Top Performer Travel

  Most organizations have top performer programs and awards in place to recognize their top sellers. These campaigns usually involve highly visible travel to a […]

Maritz Travel Presents – a Webinar Series “from Stale to Stand Out”

  Today, event design is a major component of the guest experience. The challenge to grasp and hold a guest’s attention at your event has […]

10 Ways that Incentive Design can Improve your Travel Programs

  Why should you pay attention to Design? After all, hasn’t design already happened before my program participants begin their reward experience? Yes it has, […]

Maritz Travel Partners with CPG Agency – Together Creating a Holistic Event Solution for Client Events

  At Maritz Travel, as part of Maritz Global Events, we are excited to announce our recent partnership with CPG Agency, a corporate engagement agency, as […]