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How Experience Design Can Elevate Your Corporate Event

Large-scale corporate events rely on a lot of moving parts. When you fail to impress at even one stage of the event, it can come […]

Give Me a Sign: Best Practices for Event Signage

by Pechha Wallach If you’re planning an event, chances are you’ll need to print signs.  Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, things don’t always go according […]

Wheels Up: Best Practices for Managing Air Travel at Your Events

by Pechha Wallach This blog post isn’t about fancy entertainment or elaborate décor.  It’s about an area that can cause a lot of stress, and […]

10 Tips for Room Gifts

by Pechha Wallach You’ve picked the destination, confirmed the activities and booked the venues. What else is there? Room gifts! This can be challenging because you […]

10 Tips for Site Inspections

by Pechha Wallach You have a good idea about how you want your program to look. You just need to reconfirm some things, and maybe look […]