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Maritz Travel Presents – a Webinar Series “from Stale to Stand Out”


Today, event design is a major component of the guest experience. The challenge to grasp and hold a guest’s attention at your event has never been more real or this difficult. Since today we live in an experience economy, your event needs to deliver personal value to each guest. This way, they stay motivated to take the actions you need at your event.

If you are a corporate planner and want to up your event game, you are in luck! Maritz Travel is proud to launch a new webinar series around event design hosted by Greg Bogue, Chief Experience Architect at Maritz Global Events.

The informative webinar series will provide much insight into how the world’s values have evolved and what that means for the event industry. Each session of the three-part webinar series will help an event planner think about what they need to do to make their next event match its guests’ experience desires. Greg will take you on a three-part journey from design concept through design execution and provide immediate takeaways to improve your next event.

Check out the topics of each informative webinar:

From Stale to Standout – Three-Part Webinar Series






Part 1. The Experience Economy: Why Striving for a “Better Than Last Year” Event Isn’t Enough

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Experience is The New Status Symbol
  • Why Experiences Define Who We Are
  • Why We Will Pay More for Our Experience
  • How to Transform a Typical Meeting into a Movement

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Part 2. Event Design Principles:  Seven Basics with Big Time Brand Impact

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The Seven Design Principles
  • The Neurobiology of the Golden Rule
  • Why Every Experience is an Expression of Your Value & Purpose
  • How Scarcity Controls Your Perceived Value
  • The Importance of Converting Information into Engaging Stories
  • Why Your Brain is a Value Shopper
  • How to Create a Memorable Memory

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Part 3. Design Thinking to Design Doing: How to Build a Framework for Your Next Event

In this webinar you will learn the Five Elements of Event Design Framework which include:

  1. Your Brand
  2. Organizing Principle
  3. Business Outcomes
  4. Guest Impressions
  5. Guest Journey

Click here to watch this informative presentation.

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