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Watch: Robert Cialdini on Field Research

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Author: Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor and Author
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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Robert Cialdini, bestselling author of Persuasion and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion at the Behavioral Science and Marketing Summit in San Francisco. Dr. Cialdini is widely acknowledged to be one of the pioneers in the field of behavioral science and social psychology.

We talked about field research, loyalty, incentives and the future of behavioral science.

There just happened to be a video camera nearby.

Here are some of his thoughts on field research and the future of behavioral science.*

Want to learn more about field research? Check out Maritz’ Field Research Collaborative.

* For those of you – like me – who have trouble committing to a video longer than two minutes, here are the questions I asked:

  1. What are some steps we can take to encourage more field research?
  2. Does the academic landscape discourage field research?
  3. Can field research find a more welcome home in popular journalism?
  4. Does field research distinguish between what works in the real world vs. what works in a lab?
  5. How do you overcome the reluctance to field research among established business organizations?
  6. Do you have a favorite field experiment?
  7. Do you think there is a bright future for field research and behavioral science?

Do with that information what you wish (hint: press the triangular play button).

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